Creating Pen Turning Ideas

Pen Blanks  |   High End Pen Kits   |   Join Our Online Community   |  Club Discounts  | is now into its 4th year of trading and has spent a great deal of that time researching the craft of pen turning, experimenting with new ideas - new resin colours and also working with new materials not only for my own creations but to pass on my experimentations to other pen turners- and continuing to strive to create fascinating pen blanks and turning blanks.

The last year or so has been spent on working with new sizes of turning blanks not only for the pen turner but for the wood turner too, with our shaving blanks being our latest blanks and colour combinations.

Here is Just an example of what tools and materials are available within our online is store - 1MT and 2MT mandrels, acrylic/resin pen turning blanks in many different sizes and lengths, Indian wooden pen blanks, drill bits in point 5 increments 7mm -13mm and 15mm Jobbers bits, J-flex cloth backed abrasives 240 - 600 grit Micro-mesh sets.

Our pen kits are in many different styles and plating’s. Our pen kits are in black titanium, rhodium kits and titanium gold pen kits; there is also chrome and 24k gold plated pen kits also available.

Shaving blanks With a difference

Custom Made Blanks  |  

We are extremely pleased to offer our own produced pen turning DVD’s which is now on sale within our online store with Volume one of Creative Pen Turning being our first production followed by Volume Two very soon – samples of Volume Two can been seen below.

Pen Turning Videos

A CA Finish

Feather Blanks